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What should my baby wear to sleep?

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The temperature in the room is shown by the number that illuminates. Do not place this thermometer over a radiator or in direct sunlight. Grobag Baby Sleep Bags are designed to be used instead of blankets and top sheets and you need to regularly check your baby to make sure he or she is not too hot or cold.

What to wear

A Grobag Baby Sleep Bag is a wearable blanket that will keep your baby at a comfortable temperature all night long. This table shows our guidance on the correct tog of Grobag and clothing to be used in different room temperatures.

Grobag What to Wear Guide Grosnug What to Wear Guide



Phew it’s hot!

We know what a worry unusual spikes in temperature can be when you have a little one. It’s really important to ensure your little one is not too hot, as babies struggle to regulate their own body temperature.

Experts recommend that the temperature of your nursery is between 16-20 degrees.

However when temperatures spike it can be difficult to achieve that, so here are a few tips for cooling your room:

  • During the day, keep windows open and curtains closed
  • Use an electric fan to keep air circulating – do not point it directly toward your child and keep it well out of their reach. Bonus – the sound of the fan may act as white noise and help to soothe them!
  • Putting a bowl of ice in front of the fan creates low-tech air conditioning
  • If your child’s bedroom is especially warm, consider moving them to sleep in a cooler part of the house
  • Use your parental discretion to judge whether your child needs any bedding at all in very high temperatures
  • As the night cools, you may wish to add bedding layers when your child wakes for a feed or a change
  • Use a Groegg to keep an eye on the changing temperature of your child’s room and make informed decisions on their clothing and bedding

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