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Establishing a Bedtime Routine

Here at The Gro Company, we understand the bedtime struggles! A well rehearsed, established bedtime routine can really help all of your family get more sleep, by signalling to your little one it is time to wind down. Bath, Book, Bed is a tried and tested bedtime routine, so check out our top tips below on putting the structure in place and setting your little one up for a cosy night sleep.

Building up to the routine

Children need to build up to bedtime, so try not to just throw it on them. Having a period of calm activity for example Yoga, singing or imaginative play are a couple of popular ways of indicating to your little one that it’s almost time for bed. Steer your child away from the noisy toys and screens and get them to do 5 minutes of something calm before the bedtime routine begins.


You don’t need to bathe your little one every day, but it is usually an enjoyable experience. Make sure you have everything that you need beforehand; some warm water, Groswaddledry or hooded robe and a clean nappy. The warm water can be incredibly soothing, and it can be a great opportunity for your little one to get rid of any of the last bits of energy splashing around. Find out how to bathe your little one safely.

To continue the soothing routine, wrap your little one up in a cosy towel. Newborns often cry when being taken out of the bath. A Groswaddledry is the perfect way of recreating the effects of swaddling straight after bathtime, calming and comforting your little one in the process. The Grobath range is made from hypoallergenic Puredry Microfibre, setting your little one up for a cosy and soothing bedtime routine.


Sharing a story with your little one can be one of the most magical parts of the day. Not only will it help to increase their vocabulary and grow their  imagination, but it gives you a great bonding opportunity with your baby. Our favourite books are filled with activities for little ones to encourage them to join in, be it buttons to press, characters to find, etc. Check out our full list of best bedtime reads here. Make sure to get your little one all snug in their cot or bed beforehand, in their favourite Grobag or Groromper and let the funny voices commence!


Your little one is finally ready for bedtime! Make sure there is a soothing environment in the nursery, with distractions out of sight. A Gro Anywhere Blind can be ideal for blocking out that Summer sun, helping your little one to wind down to sleep, with Ollie the Owl singing his lullaby. All that is left is kisses and a good night cuddle before leaving your little one to fall off to sleep.

Struggling with keeping your toddler in bed all night long? Check out our Groclock for teaching your little one when it is time to wake up and when it’s time to sleep.

Our fans top tips:

@rowsonemma1 “Consistency with time, Bath time, low lights, reading a book and plenty of cuddles has worked with both of ours!”

@_Rachel92 “We stick to tea, bath, cuddle & story & then bed. We found that consistency is key!”

@Mummy_setra “Routine! Bath, Book, Bed!”

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