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Top kids holiday hacks!

What an adventure travelling with your little one can be! Remember your holiday for all of the right reasons by following some of our best kids holiday tips.

1. Travel light

It can be easy to get carried away when packing for a trip abroad. Gone are the days where you can go on holiday purely with just the hand luggage. Look for places where you can save room in the case to utilise space for the all important toys and entertainment. As a rule of thumb, 1.5 outfits should be adequate per day.

2.  Stay safe!

The essentials; sun cream, sunglasses, hats and tent for creating shade are a given. A mini first aid kit with all of those little essentials for the odd bump or graze can also be a bit of a life saver. A method for protecting against insects and mosquitoes is also a must! Here at The Gro Company, we are always continuing to innovate to help make parent’s lives easier. The Insect Shield Grobag and Muslins are safe and effective and designed to protect sleeping babies against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, fleas and midges, making them ideal for hot summer nights and trips to foreign climates.

3. Giant Muslins

Giant Muslins have a whole load of uses you might not have ever thought about! From the traditional burping cloths, comforters and a feeding cover, to a cloth for sweat and a perfect under sheet for a bit of tummy time when out and about. Find out more here.

4. Create a snoozy environment

It’s never easy to get little ones to sleep if there’s light streaming through the window. Keeping your little one to their bedtime routine can be even more important whilst you are on holiday, so creating a snoozy environment at night is vital! The Gro Anywhere Blind adapts to fit any window and is applied with suction cups, so perfect for when going away.

5. Don’t forget the entertainment

Make sure you pack all of the entertainment essentials. Be it an Ipad full of Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol, their favourite toy or some notebooks and pens. If your little one is a bit young for a ‘favourite toy’, even something so simple as a mirror can keep them quiet for a good 20 minutes!

6. Best hack of them all – pack lots of snacks!

When travelling abroad, your little one’s favourite snacks might not always be available and it could cost you a lot more. Did you know that with Boots Airside, you can order your little ones favourite snacks such as the likes of Ella’s kitchen, premade formulae etc to any Boots store after in the Airport after you have gone through security.

7. Keep cool

There is nothing better than getting back to your perfectly air conditioned room after a long busy day outside in the sun. If your accommodation does not offer this, do not fret! There are a couple of makeshift and creative ways that you can imitate air conditioning by using a fan. Check out some videos here.

8. Avoid sand temper tantrums

You know how it is; the sand is all good fun until it comes to getting it off! Did you know that baby powder works wonders when it comes to getting sand off of your hands and feet?

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