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#ShoutieSelfie For Maternal Mental Health

Do you know 5 mums? Chances are one of them is struggling with a maternal mental health issue like post-natal depression (PND).

I was that one. I went from being a successful career woman to a nervous wreck, not even able to have coffee with my closest friends.

When you are in the midst of PND you feel like such a failure. That you are a horrible human. That you’re not the mum you expected to be. But it’s not your fault. It’s a terrible illness that you need help with, but you will get through.

It was realising that I wasn’t the only one that made a huge difference to me. That and a therapist telling me to accept how I was – even the anxieties and craziness. Which felt backwards. But once I understood this and managed it I did start to get better!

So now I spend all my free time sharing my story and helping those struggling. I launched #ShoutieSelfie which raises awareness of maternal mental health issues by encouraging people to post a selfie of them shouting their support. It had 8million impressions last year on Twitter alone, and lots of media coverage so I’m trying to make it even bigger and better this year!

I’d love you to join in on 29th April from your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. To sign up for updates (I’ll send wording to use for ease as well as reminders!) please head to

Let’s do something great!

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