Happy and young pregnant woman in park in summer Health & Wellbeing 04/05/18

Pregnant with a summer baby? How to cope with the pregnancy heat.

There are definitely perks to being pregnant in the summer months. The abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables and an increase (hopefully) in Vitamin D are a given, but the summer maternity wardrobes with fabulous footwear and maxi dresses from the likes of Topshop and Asos is an unexpected extra. That is before we even start on the excuse for a babymoon and a refreshing summer mocktail! There is plenty to shout about, but being pregnant through the summer months is not a walk in the park; being hot, humid and feeling heavy isn’t always the best combination. Check out our top tips for staying cool in the day, and getting that all important shut eye at night…


Yes, drinking water is very important especially when it’s hot, but there are other ways that water can help. Swimming is one of the best means of exercise for pregnancy, so not only will a trip to the local (or not so local) pool help to you cool you down, but at the same time it might alleviate some of the those swelling pains! Alternatively if this is not an option why not cool down by simply sticking your feet in a cold bucket of water or even ice. Not only will this help decrease your overall temperature but help get you out of the BBQ chores!

Be prepared

A portable fan, some cooling spray, wet wipes or an umbrella for creating some necessary shade is an essential for the handbag on a hot summer’s day. For when you return from a day outside, make sure your fridge is stocked with plenty of bottles of water; the ice tray is full and why not fill the freezer with some ice pops for a more enjoyable way of decreasing that body temperature!

Wear breathable fabrics

This summer, bold floral dresses and pleated maxi dresses seem to be all the rage! Matched with some breathable and comfy sandals, they will help you to shield off the summer sun. Traditionally linen has been the overwhelming go to choice of fabric, but brands are now expanding to introduce alternative snazzy options! Check out a few of our favourite brands here: {Link Asos, Top shop}

Getting some ZZZs

The hot temperature at night can just be an additional annoyance when you are pregnant. We all know a sleepless night is to be expected for mums, but not before the little one is born! A trusty fan can save the day (or night), freezing cold flannels are a staple for the feet, legs or forehead.

There is also a ‘hack’ that involves using a bowel of ice and a fan to make some sort of make shift air conditioning! Check it out below:


Use your freezer!

Why not fill your hot water bottle with cold water, or alternatively place it in the freezer and put it at the foot of the bed.

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