Mothers Day 2 It’s Not Just You 14/03/18

The Best Things About Being a Mum written by you! #mumpower

In the run up to Mother’s Day this year we launched our #mumpower campaign. A campaign that tied into celebrating International Woman’s Day with the aim to share a bit of love on social media around all the amazing things about being a mum! We received such a lovely response, that it felt a shame to just leave them as comments on a Facebook post, so instead we pulled out some of our favourites to share with you below. Beware – it’s a bit of a tear-jerker!

The best thing about being a mum is experiencing things again through a child’s eyes. I get to see a new aspect of travel, adventures or just everyday life, with the most interesting, weird questions to go along with it. Who ever thought I’d spend my holidays eating pintxos, with a glass of wine whilst having a conversation about honey badgers.
Amy Walker

Mothers Day The Gro Company
How can I pick just one moment? We have so many!! …..But the first time she lent over to kiss me, that was the best feeling ever!! And I managed to catch it on camera!! #mumpower
Libby Vincent

Baby and Mum

#mumpower The first time I held my boy. After being told I’d probably never have children this miracle happened. I love to see him grow and change everyday. My whole world  🌎  💙
Sarah Wall

Sleep Club Mum Power


I love being a Mum for so many reasons, my kids make me laugh out loud every day! I suppose the thing I love most is seeing the unconditional love between Jess & Seb, it quite often brings a tear to my eye…I think this picture captures their love for each other. #mumpower
Andrea Keefe

Mothers Day 3

Loads of people say to me ‘double trouble’ but I always say double the joy! Love my boys 😍 #mumpower
Rosie Chapman

Rosie Chapman photo

Night after night of broken sleep, cold season, terrible twos turning into tantrum central threes………….. Then moments like these when your laughing so hard at them playing silly little games together!! #bliss #myboys #oneproudmummy #mombie #mumpower
Louise Crocker

Louise Crocker Mum Power

Living for moments like this. Making him smile every day #mumpower His happiness is my happiness. It doesn’t matter what else is going on, when he smiles my heart melts and all is right with the world for that moment.
Jo Kevern



Sharing new experiences together, watching them work hard and succeed at sport or at music, having fun together as a family, building family traditions (decorating the Christmas cake together each year), volunteering together, celebrating your first born’s prom night. #mumpower
Geraldine Bayliss

Mothers Day 2


#mumpower for me is sharing a hobby and having quality time together!
Angela Eastley

Mothers Day 1


We would love this campaign to continue, so share with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twittter your #mumpower image, an image which illustrates one reason (that is the tricky part) why you love being a mum and tag us in!


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