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Izzy Judd on being a Mum of two and the success of her book, Dare to Dream

Izzy Judd, mum to Lola and Kit spoke to us about becoming a mum of 2 last year and the success of her new book Dare to Dream, reflecting on her IVF struggle. Izzy discusses her sleep routine with her two little one’s and how her whole family manage with disrupted sleep.

1.     How is being a mum of two going?

Double the worry, double the love!

Waking up each morning to two beautiful smiles makes me feel so incredibly lucky. There are of course huge challenges being a mum of two, especially so close together in age. I get to the end of the day sometimes and think to myself I don’t know if I did enough for either of them as I was so busy juggling my way to make it through the day! Watching Lola and Kit’s bond growing each day is so special.


2.     Congratulations on the success of your book! What have been the reactions from other couples in a similar situation to you?

Thank you, I poured my heart into telling our story in the hope that it would give others comfort and support. I know when I was facing fertility struggles I felt so incredibly lost and lonely, it felt like someone had pressed pause on my life. So to read comments from other couples to say that Dare to Dream has helped means everything.

I think what has struck me the most is the similarity of emotions couples are experiencing when facing fertility struggles, even though of course everyone’s experience is totally unique, we are all saying the same about how we feel. That’s why I am so passionate that we should keep the conversation going about fertility as it will help us all to feel less alone and more normal!


3.     Did you find writing the book helped you in some ways too?

Writing Dare to Dream was an amazing experience. One of my favourite quotes is from Kierkegaard ‘Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards’

It was whilst writing the book that we found out I was pregnant with Kit, I couldn’t believe after all the difficulties we had faced that it could be so simple. I never believed that I would ever be that person you hear about who falls pregnant naturally after IVF. I just want our story to give others hope. It was almost like writing everything down unlocked something emotionally and I urge anybody experiencing struggles to write down how they are feeling, it really does help.


4.     Did you feel more prepared for baby Kit after having Lola? How is Lola enjoying being a big sister?

Having suffered a miscarriage, much of my focus in both my pregnancies was a healthy pregnancy. I found it difficult both times to look beyond my pregnancy until I knew they were safely in the world. I think in my pregnancy with Kit I was more worried about how Lola would react than the reality of life with two. To be honest I totally suck at the first 3 months and even having learnt that from Lola I still didn’t seem to be any better with Kit! I struggled with breastfeeding and find my hormones to be at their wildest post pregnancy. I have felt a huge fog with both babies and a lot of guilt for not floating around in a blissful bubble, especially after the struggles we went through to have a baby. Now 6 months in I feel like I’m in the swing of things and I’m very happy to leave the fog behind.

Lola is such a loving big sister, in the morning when I go into her room the first thing she says is ‘Is Kit alright?” It is totally magical to watch the natural bond between siblings.


5.     What is your sleep routine with your children? Are there any particular steps or sleep products you or your little one wouldn’t be without at bedtime?

I’m all about routine, every night we have a bath followed by a little massage, then milk, books and bed. After Kit was born Lola suddenly started waking earlier than usual, perhaps the change of having a new little person around. I had heard lots of positive reviews about the Gro clock so thought we would give it a go. At first I wondered if at 2 Lola would be a little young, but she absolutely loves it and will wait for “Mrs Sunshine” (as she calls it) to rise before she gets up. It has worked a treat for us.


6.     How do you manage disrupted nights as a family?

I don’t think I have had a peaceful nights sleep since becoming a mummy, you never truly switch off even when the lights go out at night. When i’m up with the children in the night, i find it difficult to get back to sleep. You can often find me with a chamomile tea and a digestive biscuit at 4am!

I think you somehow adjust to lack of sleep, I find having a little cat nap in the day helps if I can. It does amaze me how Harry manages to sleep through even the most disruptive nights!!

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