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Soothing: handheld white noise baby calmer that uses soothing sounds to calm baby

Safe: sound set at a proven safe volume, when held to the ear only baby will hear the sounds which means you can use it anywhere

Sounds: choose from three calming sounds: Mother’s heartbeat, Rain on a tin roof, or ocean waves

Soft: Cushioned with a foam and supersoft 100% jersey cotton cover

Any caregiver can use the Grohush to reassure baby – it’s an essential item for home or when out and about. Can be used to help prevent colic or reflux: soothing sounds keep baby calm and relaxed for feeding.


Grohush white noise calmer in restaurant

One of a kind!

The Grohush is the only hand-held white noise tool that only babies can hear, and doesn’t disturb those around you.

Peace of mind on the go

You might be a fan of white noise, but what do you do if you don’t want to play it loudly when away from home? The Grohush can be used anywhere from waiting rooms, to coffee shops, to planes to weddings, keeping your baby calm without creating any additional noise.

Complete with a stylish and handy carry case it is perfect to slip in to your changing bag too!

Grohush white noise calmer on a plane

The power of White Noise

White noise is a growing parenting phenomenon and a tool commonly used as an effective way of calming distressed and crying babies, often being used to soothe them to sleep. Babies are used to being surrounded by noise when in the womb, so the world can seem quiet and strange. White noise mimics the familiar continuous sounds the baby hears in the womb which is reassuring and calming for the baby.

Benefits include:

• Reduces stress

• Soothes unsettled babies

• Prevents baby from being startled by random noises

• Can help to reduce colic

Another effect of calming babies is they might be soothed to sleep. One study found that 80% of newborns fell asleep within 5 minutes in response to white noise. (Study by institute of obstetrics and Gynaecology, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea hospital, London.)

Settle and Soothe Tips

Grohush white noise baby calmer


Grohush Instruction Manual

  • Suitable for use from birth

  • Requires 3 AAA batteries

  • Includes a high quality protective travel case

  • Automatically switches off after 10 minutes

  • Volume is preset to safe sound levels and cannot be changed

  • Cushion is covered in soft 100% jersey cotton

  • Cushion cover is washable

  • Lightweight - weighs 107 grams (with batteries)

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The Grohush in action!

Don’t just take our word for it, see the Grohush in action and the power of white noise!

Award Winning

Grohush white noise baby calmer Baby and Pregnancy 2016 Silver
Grohush white noise baby calmer best baby and toddler shortlisted 2015


5 Stars

Bought the Grohush for my 6yr old girl and works a treat at calming her down when she's over stimulated or having a meltdown due to sensory overload. She has sensory processing disorder and anything is worth a shot to help her calm down. The fact that it's portable enables her to use it herself when she wants or needs too. ☺️

5 Stars

Lovely item baby arrives very soon can't wait to use it read some great reviews about this product. Well made & I love the idea that it comes with a storage case.

4 Stars

Helps settle child when upset, Good packaging and can use without disturbing others.

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