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A portable chair harness that’s perfect for wriggly toddlers! Ideal when you’re out and about and a highchair is not available, this handy, lightweight chair harness will fit most dining chairs. Simply fit the adjustable straps around the chair and fasten the easy-to-use rucksack style clips – instant, secure baby seat. The harness folds conveniently away into its own small bag when not in use so it can go anywhere with you!

Solve the age old argument between parent and toddler of ‘I’m big now, I don’t want to go in a highchair’ and you knowing all too well that your little wiggle-bum is not going to sit still for the entire meal in a big chair. Get the best of both worlds, your toddler will feel super pleased that they can be in a big chair and you can enjoy meal time feeling reassured that they aren’t going anywhere!

Which will you choose?

Hassle free meal time!

We know how hard tea-time can be when you have a million and one other things to think about and it is all made ten times worse when you are out and about. Arguing over highchairs (if they are available) and trying to get everyone to eat at the same time is a problem shared by many a parent here at Gro HQ, so we set to work to find something to help. Our solution? A portable chair harness that is perfect for wriggly toddlers!

The Gro Anywhere Chair Harness also makes the perfect travel companion, with its space saving pouch, it will take up next to no space in your bag. We also appreciate that when you’re away and it’s getting to lunch time, you and your little ones are getting ‘hangry’, you don’t have the time (or energy) to wander from restaurant to restaurant looking for a place with highchairs. Take your chair harness with you, and you’re free to eat wherever you choose.


Chair Harness Instructions

  • Ideal when you are out and about

  • Easy to use rucksack style clips

  • Folds into a small pouch for go anywhere convenience
  • Suitable for babies from 6-30 months who can sit unsupported

  • Machine washable at 40°C


5 Stars

My little girl loves it!

Was unsure of this to begin with, but so many people had said it's amazing. We needing something that we can take from place to place. And this is absolutely perfect. Totally recommend this item it's great.

5 Stars

I love how I can throw it in the washing machine and also bring it with us when we are out!

I didn't want to buy a booster seat for my son to sit at the table and when I saw this product I thought it was a great alternative!my son loves it,he is 17months old and feels like a proper big boy at the dinner table!

5 Stars

What a simple brilliant little piece of equipment.

Excellent for my twin grandsons where often places don't have two highchairs for babies! Only problem is where the chairs are not the right sort!

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