Newborn shopping list

Hospital bag

Wondering what you need to pack in your hospital bag or what you are going to need for those first few weeks? Here is our suggestion on Gro products to fully equip you for your newborns arrival. For more information on any of our products, check out our product pages.

What?Why?Pack in my hospital bag or leave at home?How many?Anything else I need to know?
GrosnugMakes swaddling easy. The first and only bedding you will need for your newborn. Can also be used as a newborn Grobag if your baby doesn’t like being swaddled. You won’t need any other blankets to use as bedding, the Grosnug is all you need. PackWe would suggest at least 2 to allow for leaking nappies and baby sick– 1 for on the baby, 1 for the wash.Comes in two different weights – cosy for cooler rooms of 16-20 degrees or light for warm rooms of 21-25. Remember it is not just about the season and the weather of when you are due, but what the room is like the baby will be sleeping in. Check out the what to wear guide here.
Or Groswaddle If you would prefer a lower cost, traditional swaddle that you have to wrap yourself, the Groswaddle is the one for you.PackWe would suggest at least 2 to allow for leaking nappies and baby sick– 1 for on the baby, 1 for the wash.Check out the what to wear guide here.
Groegg Getting the temperature right so you don’t overheat your baby needs to be taken seriously. The Groegg provides easy to follow guidance and reassurance.Leave at home. You can always take your free thermometer that comes with your Grosnug or Grobag to hospital with you instead.OneEasy to follow system so you know what Grosnug or Grobag to use based on the temperature.
Grolight Newborn Babies do feed in the night, and need lots of nappy changes. The Grolight adapts your existing light to an adjustable nightlight and can be used in overhead lights or bedside lamps. It gives you the perfect amount of light for you to do what you need to do whilst keeping everything soft and snoozy.Leave at Home. We suggest putting in a bedside lamp if your baby is in your bedroom to start with.One. Although in future you might want another one for a landing or other room.Available in bayonet or screw fittings.
GrobagSome people if they have a large baby (over 8.8lbs) and don’t want to swaddle go straight in to Grobags. If you have a Grosnug you can use that as a Grobag to start with. Although you might want to have your first Grobag ready to go as the first weeks fly by!Leave at home It depends on how prepared you want to be. You will probably need at least 2 in 1 size due to different togs and having one in the wash. A twinpack is a great value option if you are starting out for the first time!See our guidance on when you want to start using your Grobag, and anything else you might need to know here.
GrohushEveryone with a newborn deserves a helping hand, the Grohush is our white noise tool to help calm and settle your baby to sleep. PackOnePut the batteries in before you pack it in your bag!

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