Friends Of Buburi

Friends of Buburi

We thank God for you ladies as it is another year that our children won’t die of malaria.

– Buburi Village Chief

Every Gro Company product sold supports our commitment to helping pregnant women and babies in Africa

The majority of the 10,000 people in the Buburi in Kenya live in extreme poverty.

In the developed world, the risk of a woman dying in childbirth is 1:3700. In sub-Saharan Africa the risk is 1:38, mainly because of the lack of access to a health professional. Currently over 50% of the births in the Buburi area are at home, and as a result, the statistics for infant and maternal mortality are much higher than in the rest of Kenya.

Confronted by malnutrition, HIV and AIDS, many children are orphans. This area of Kenya has the highest incidence of Malaria in the world and children under 5 are especially vulnerable.

Parents are unable to access or afford the necessary treatment for common conditions, resulting in many preventable deaths during pregnancy, labour and childhood.

Mum and baby in Buburi Clinic

Friends of Buburi is run by four British nurses –

Jo, Sallie, Noreen and Jackie, and provides financial and educational support to the Buburi Community Health Clinic.

The money donated has directly funded the building of the Buburi Community Health Clinic, which provides ante-natal care as well as treatment for malaria and HIV to families who otherwise would not be able to access life saving care.

As well as funding the team has donated swaddles and baby sleep bags from their range. The swaddles and grobags are given to pregnant women at the clinic, which encourages them to return for ante-natal checks.

The Gro Company continues to support Friends of Buburi by donating a percentage of all profits.

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