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Tips for Dads to help settle and soothe your baby

New babies don’t come with an instruction manual, and trying to figure out why baby is inconsolable at 3am can be tough work for parents.

We hear from a lot of new dads in particular, asking what they can do to help settle their newborn babies. Driving baby around in the car in the middle of the night is neither practical nor particularly safe – especially if you are already exhausted, but we know of many dads who have resorted to this when times are tough.

We thought we would compile some simple, helpful tips so that new dads don’t have to try such desperate tactics when trying to calm their newborn. Obviously these tips don’t just apply to dads – anyone can try them. But one of the reasons our Grohush white noise baby calmer has been so successful is that someone other than a baby’s mother can use it to help to soothe the baby (and give mum a much-needed break).

So if you know a new dad who wants to help settle his baby but doesn’t know where to start, why not share these tips with him – then hopefully everyone in the family can grab some precious sleep.



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