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Top 5 Baby Superpowers!

Did you know babies had superpowers?

When the new travel Grobag design ‘Save The Day’ was launched – featuring cute superhero animals in capes, we ran a competition asking parents and carers to tell us about their baby’s particular skill or superpower.

We had some hilarious replies – and some gorgeous photos – describing baby superpowers that ranged from delightful to bizarre, so we thought we’d compile some of the funniest and most frequently mentioned into our (totally unscientific) Top 5 Baby Superpowers!

1. Mind control 

According to most parents, their baby’s superpowers stemmed from their cuteness. More specifically, their ability to gain total mind control over their carers – just by smiling. It seems that there are countless parents performing feats of endurance fuelled only by baby smiles, and even the grumpiest person is not immune to the heart warming power of a grinning baby.

My little boy’s super power is to control anyone with his deep soulful stares (think Puss in Boots style) – Kerry 

2. Super senses

Other parents reported that their baby’s superpowers involved heightened senses – a gift that they use to devastating effect against their hungry and exhausted parents.

Supersonic hearing! He can be fast asleep…until I open a packet of biscuits that is, then he’s wide awake!! (& I just managed to wake him up with a sneeze, damn!!) – Nicola 

My son’s super power is definitely super smell – even when he’s fast asleep, tucked up in his Grobag, as soon as my dinner is ready, it’s like he can smell it and wakes up for a feed/nappy change/cuddle/to eat mummy’s food! – Abi 

3. Wind power 

If it were possible to harness the Baby Superpower energy deployed in the nation’s nappies, then families everywhere could be saving substantial amounts on their fuel bills.

She’s a super trumper and been known to clear rooms! – Robyn 

…and not just from one end……

The projectile….90 mph puke lol she does it so so well – Tom

4. No need for sleep

Another Baby Superpower shared by many babies is to be the ability to survive on little or no sleep. Unfortunately it appears that this skill is not shared by their shattered parents.

My baby’s super power is surviving on two hours sleep a day. Sadly mummy does not have these same super powers – Rachel 

My baby’s super power is definitely the ability to function and be chirpy without any sleep. She was awake loads last night and still happy and chatty today. Unlike me – Amanda 

5. Affinity with pets

Just like Doctor Doolittle, many babies have the power to communicate with animals – particularly the family pets. Some take that affinity even further, by sharing their taste in food!

Oliver’s #babysuperpower is definitely going to be cat whisperer 

Henry’s #babysuperpower is the ability to spot an open kitchen door and immediately make a dash for the cat food! 

So there you have it. Those tiny creatures aren’t quite so helpless after all. In fact their vast arsenal of superpowers puts them on a par with some of the best characters that Marvel and DC Comics have to offer.

Here are a few of the others that made us laugh – you might recognise a few in your own little one. Who knew babies had such powers?

My twins’ superpowers are to make complete strangers come up to us and ask the same question “are they identical”. We get lots of attention everywhere we go – Cheryl 

My toddler’s super power is to make dummies appear when mummy thinks she has hidden all of them! – Lauren 

My daughter’s super power is the ability to annoy her big brother just by existing – Claudie 

My 8 month old little lady’s ability would be to make miracles come true. We were just about to start ivf when I found out I was pregnant naturally. She is a little miracle! – Natalie 

Houdini! He can get out of anything – swaddles, sleeping bags, bibs! The only thing he can’t get out of his is Grobag! – Helen

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