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Don’t let your kids wriggle out of SAFE SUN

Winning the safe sun battle with our little wrigglers…

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As a parent mornings can be hectic, particularly if you have young children who can’t be still for a moment. And along with the normal washing, dressing and breakfasting schedule – the applying of sun cream when UV is medium or high can be an extra challenge.

As a weather forecaster in the Met Office I am across the daily weather but to know when sun protection is needed,  I do have keep a check the UV forecast levels.

If medium or high I’ll attempt to apply sun lotion to my little girl, Sienna. She always protests, almost as much as brushing her hair – and there are some days when she’s the ultimate wriggler, resulting in a messy moment for both of us.

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As a parent it’s my responsibility to protect my child from any adverse weather; too cold in the winter, getting soaked in the rain, but the impact of painful sunburn is far reaching – and long term potentially very risky.

Unlike wind, rain and sunlight – UV isn’t something you can see or feel and that’s why many of us can easily be caught out; ending up pinker than normal. I have fallen foul to this – and it’s heartbreaking when Sienna is wincing with sore skin – my fault completely.

Children’s skin is far more sensitive that adults, and frighteningly if your child gets painful sunburn just once every 2 years, they are three times more likely to develop skin cancer in later life.

Even when it’s cloudy from late spring through the summer to early autumn, harmful UV rays can penetrate through – and a cool wind won’t reduce the levels either. On water or sand, the reflection of these rays increases the chances of burning.

That essential morning application of a 15SPF (or higher) sun cream, and covering up during the middle part of the day goes a long way to ensure our kids stay safe whilst playing in the sun.

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Download the Met Office app so you can be sure you have the most accurate UV forecast.

For iPhone the app is available from the App store.

For Android the app is available from the Google Play store.

‘This blog was written in collaboration with Clare Nasir at the Met Office’.

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