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Let’s Talk About Hips: What is safe swaddling?

What is Safe Swaddling? Swaddling is an age-old technique for putting newborn babies to bed. It helps them to feel secure so that they settle to sleep more easily, and to stay asleep longer as they develop more settled sleep patterns. It can also prevent them from waking...

Newborn asleep in Apple of my Eye Gro-swaddle
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Let’s Talk About Hips: What does ‘hip healthy’ mean?

Here at The Gro Company, we were delighted to receive official notification from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) that the Gro-snug (known in Australia as the Swaddle Grobag) - our 2in1 swaddle and newborn Grobag - has been recognized as a ‘hip-healthy’ product. However many parents may...

Sunny Meadow Grobag
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The Gro Anywhere Blind – tips for success

The clocks have changed, we’re putting winter behind us, and heading happily into summer. But longer days mean shorter nights – which is not good news for sleep-deprived mums and dads whose little ones won’t sleep when the sun is shining! So this is also the time of...

Gro Anywhere Blind image
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If it doesn’t say ‘Grobag’ it isn’t a Grobag!

Safer sleep is at the heart of what we do at The Gro Company, and we work hard to make sure our Grobags are the safest baby sleep bags available. In fact, along with The Lullaby Trust, we were instrumental in setting the British Safety Standard for baby...

Grobag Drift Off
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Top 5 Baby Superpowers!

Did you know babies had superpowers? When the new travel Grobag design ‘Save The Day’ was launched - featuring cute superhero animals in capes, we ran a competition asking parents and carers to tell us about their baby’s particular skill or superpower. We had some hilarious replies -...

Save the day Grobag
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Tips for Dads to help settle and soothe your baby

New babies don’t come with an instruction manual, and trying to figure out why baby is inconsolable at 3am can be tough work for parents. We hear from a lot of new dads in particular, asking what they can do to help settle their newborn babies. Driving baby...

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