Safer Sleep 03/11/16

Sleep Tips From Kidsafe

Safer Infant Sleep Tips Brought To You By Kidsafe And The Gro Company

Provide your baby with a safer sleep environment by following these simple steps and download our quick reference guide on Safer Infant Sleep Tips here to keep handy.

If using a Grobag, there is no need to use bedding or add any blankets to the cot. Here are a few benefits of a baby sleep bag:

  • They stop babies kicking off their covers, getting cold and waking themselves and everyone else up
  • They can’t be kicked over your baby’s head or get tangled up
  • They keep babies at a comfortable temperature all night long, additional layers of clothing can be added underneath (see table below)
  • Your baby can wake up, move around his cot, and fall back to sleep all on his own without you having to tuck them back in
  • They become a great part of the bedtime routine, and will help your baby feel familiar, secure and confident and understand when it’s time for bed, even when away from home
  • They can help the transition from Moses basket to cot by being the familiar “comforter” in both
  • They may delay the age at which your baby rolls over onto his tummy
  • They may delay the age at which your baby is able to climb out of his cot.

What to wear with your Grobag Baby Sleep Bag
NB: This information is for guidance only.

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