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Babies and toddlers can sleep soundly under Ollie the Owl’s wing

Every product that bears the Gro name is designed to make parenting easier (as we all know it’s hard enough as it is!) The latest member of the Gro family, Ollie the Owl, is no different.

Does your little one struggle to sleep through the night or are they suffering from Colic? Following many a disrupted night sleep with their own little ones, the Product Development Guru’s at Gro HQ wanted to create a product that would help their little ones sleep through the night. Knowing that white noise apps and our Grohush have been incredibly popular as sleep aids for babies, we wanted to create something that did even more to help soothe and calm.

Following feedback from parents, who were tired of having to ninja across baby’s room to turn on their sleep aid, we designed Ollie the Owl to have a built in Crysensor. The CrySensor means you won’t need to get up to turn Ollie on or constantly head into baby’s room when they stir, waking them with the door that always squeaks at the wrong moment! Say goodbye to stubbed toes and navigating your way in the dark to reactivate him, Ollie will make sure the whole family will get quality Zzz’s every night!

To make bedtime even easier for Mum and Dad, Ollie also has four soothing sounds. Choose from white noise, heartbeat, rainfall or the Brahms’ lullaby to help your little one drift off to sleep. As well as his four soothing sounds, through cute embroidered hearts on his tummy, Ollie lights up providing a soft glow to help create the perfect snoozy environment for your little one. We know that all babies are different, so Ollie’s sound and light functions are all adjustable so he can be unique to your snoozer. His super soft and cuddly exterior makes him the ideal companion not just for babies, but older children too.

Ollie promises to be your little one’s companion for a more comfortable night’s sleep and parents can rest assured that baby is sleeping soundly under Ollie’s wings. Ollie’s CrySensor will listen out for your baby in the night and should they stir, he will automatically play either white noise or the beautifully calming Brahms’ Lullaby to help them self-soothe and drift off back to sleep. Ollie will listen for any noise in baby’s room, but is specifically programmed to react to crying or sharp sounds which may disturb your child.

Disclaimer – While Ollie is the ultimate sleep companion, he wants parents to be made aware that his duties do not include nappy changes or searching for dummies. However, he will settle your little one so quickly they won’t even notice the dummy is missing! When it comes to nappy changes, sorry mums and dad he wouldn’t budge.

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