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What Will You Pack In Your Hospital Bag?


What to pack in your hospital bag for giving birth is always something that requires careful consideration. How many clean baby clothes should you take? Baby wipes or cotton wool? Will you have time to read a book?

These are all very valid concerns here in the UK, however pregnant women in Buburi, Africa, have a very different baby bag.

To encourage the local women to attend antenatal appointments and receive lifesaving care for themselves and their babies the UK charity Friends Of Buburi have set up a scheme where they are rewarded with a baby bag on their fourth visit. The bag contains all the essentials the mother would need in the (very common) event of giving birth at home, on a mud floor, as well as a few extras for baby.

The bags, which are highly treasured by those that receive them, contain;

  • A birth pack including sterile items such as a razor blade, gloves, a cord clamp and a plastic sheet. All essential for a safe delivery.
  • A Grobag or Groswaddle donated by the Gro Company
  • Reusable nappies
  • Baby clothes and hand knitted items donated by mothers in the UK

As you can imagine, these essentials can literally mean the difference between life and death for these mothers and their babies. To support Friends Of Buburi please visit their website.

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